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  • 1 August 2016, номер: 19048

Automated line for the production of praline sweets

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Select industry: Bread-making and confectionary equipment 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: +7 (495) 933-0773 
Voltage: 380 V
Weight: 5000 kg
Automated line for the production of sweets with nut and praline filling The equipment is intended for the manufacture of sweets from marzipan, persipan, praline and other high-fat candy masses, including a machine for preparing the mass for molding, a vypressovy machine, a cooling chamber and a device for cutting workpieces. This equipment allows you to produce candy Bars, as well as sweets such as "Enchantress", "Kara-Kum", "Squirrel", "Baltika".
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