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Conch machine CRF - 2500 circulation

Select industry: Bread-making and confectionary equipment, Packaging equipment 
Condition: Used 
Conch machine CRF - 2500 Circulation Purpose Conch machine CRF - 2500 Circulation. Designed for processing chocolate masses, grated cocoa. Producer Germany, Nagema. Equipment after overhaul with a guarantee of up to a year. Without prepayment, payment after inspection of the equipment. We also sell nagema eu3, eu4, eu8, eu5, eu7, el9, el3, el5, el2, el11, ef1, ef2, ef4, wrapping machines la1, la2, ed10 for all kinds of sweets in one-sided, double-sided torsion, in sock, in envelope, in sachet, tight-fitting, etc., cow, dragee, souffle, jelly, fondant, caramel, toffee, waffle varieties, truffle, chupa Chups, assorted, chocolate eggs, chocolate bar, etc. , waffle equipment, gas and electric furnaces, spread cutting machines, etc., tempering machines, etc.. We will carry out thorough repairs of any of your machines with a guarantee of up to 6 months. We will set up and remake the car for your product, dragees, caramel, fondant, waffle, souffle, and so on. We will supply equipment for your order. On our site you can see the equipment that interests you, on the site there are always new arrivals of equipment. Negotiable price. We also buy any wrapping machines, etc. Please send a request to the email address.
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