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  • 8 December 2016, номер: 24995

Column for alambika copper from 5 l. up to 50 liters

Select industry: Alcoholic and nonalcoholic industry 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: +7 (966) 093-20-70 +7 (495) 723-49-76  
Do you want to give your alcohol, another distillation product, a unique, unique taste and aroma? Use a column for alambike. Columns for copper moonshine stills. From 5 l up to 50 liters The price depends on the volume of the column. The column is used for flavoring alcohol. Need to get a more aromatic distillate? It is enough to place the hard part of the mash (as an option - grape pulp) or other material, the aroma of which you want to saturate your product, steppe herbs, fresh fruits, in a column.
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