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Autoclave AT-1600-5000-12, 5, second-hand, I will sell.

Select industry: Meat industry, Fish industry, Dairy industry, Poultry keeping and processing, Food packaging, Packaging equipment, Food industry feedstock, Agricultural industry 
Condition: Used 
I will sell the autoclave AT-1600-3000-12, 5, second-hand. 1 pc., Autoclave AT-1600-5000-12, 5, used. 1 pc, autoclave AT-2000-6000-12, 5, used. 1 PC. Technical characteristics: Working pressure, MPa (kgf / cm²), no more; in the case of the autoclave 1, 25 (12, 5) in the jacket 0, 6 (6, 0) in the seal of the bayonet shutter 1, 35 (13, 5) in the channels for cooling the cuff of the bayonet shutter 0, 3 (3, 0) in the station pumping 4, 0 (40, 0). Operating temperature, ° C, not higher; in the case of the autoclave from 0 to +190, in the shirt +160, in the channels for cooling the cuff to +50. The medium in the autoclave body is saturated with water vapor, in the channels cooling the cuff is water, under the cuff is air or steam, in the jacket is saturated water vapor. Allowable speed of heating (cooling) of the walls of the autoclave, ° C per min, no more than 5. Estimated service life of the autoclave, years 10. Permissible number of loading cycles, not less than 20,000. Full (before decommissioning) average resource, h, not less than 100,000. Region Applications of autoclave equipment: • Production of cellular concrete and silicate brick blocks • Production of laminated, automotive glass triplex • Production of parts and elements from carbon fiber, carbon fiber • Vulcanization, production of rubber products (RTI) • Impregnation of wood once Airborne methods ary, DDI, Wadhwa • Production of waterglass and cellulose industry • Impregnation winding coils of electric motors compounds and varnishes • sterilization of canned food, the food industry
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