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Sausage loops (twine)

131 Р.



Select industry: Meat industry, Dairy industry, Poultry keeping and processing, Bread-making and confectionary equipment, Packaging equipment 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: в наличии Наша группа в ФБ : www.facebook.com/ValDimTeh/  
Year of issue: 2020 
The state of emergency company "Valdim - Tech" produces twine loops. They are used for hanging meat, sausages, cheeses for the purpose of further heat treatment. Hinges are made of polypropylene or polyamide twine and can be of different colors at the request of the customer. The loop is fixed to the shell using a clip, by clipping. There are manual loops - for manual feeding during clipping and glued to the tape - for automatic feeding. Depending on the size of the twine and the customer's desire, the loops are made from 110 mm to 180 mm long.
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