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Henkelman Falcon 2-70 Vacuum Packer

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The Henkelman Falcon 2-70 double chamber machine is a model that allows loading and unloading of one chamber while the other chamber is being processed, achieving very high outputs using one operator.
The Falcon 2-70 is constructed in the lower part from stainless steel, and the chambers and hood from aluminium with a wear-resistant epoxy coating.
The Busch 100M3/hr vacuum pump is inbuilt in the lower part, with easy access for servicing. Each chamber has a set of infill boards for varying product heights, and the maximum product height is 235mm. The sealing bars are mounted in the hood and are front and rear 550mm long, with the distance between the bars at 700mm. The machine hood has a viewing window and the machine is mounted on wheels, two of which are swivel braked execution.
The Henkelman Falcon 2-70 is available in 3 phase 415V.
The best value for money, fully supported vacuum packer in the UK today.
Double chamber floor standing models
Stainless steel housing
Aluminium vacuum chamber
Aluminium lid with sight glass
Easily removable silicon holders
Sealing mechanism mounted in lid
Insert plates for adjusting vacuum chamber height
Vacuum optimal final vacuum 99.98% (0.2Mbar)
Gas-flush for product protection and longer shelf life
Soft-air for protection of product and packaging
Double seal 2×3.5mm convex sealing wire
Digitally controlled timer/10 default programmes
Trennseal 1 x 3.5mm convex sealing wire + 1×1.1mm round cutting wire (option)
Bi-Active seal – upper and lower sealing bars (option)
Sensor control – set percentage pressure for vacuum and gas functions for accurate and constant packaging results (option)
Digital maintenance program for pump, operating hours counter, service indicator programme, sleeper function etc
Optional ESD configuration – to pack electronics in a clean room
External Dimensions: 1260 x 1010 x 1070mm
Internal Dimensions: 550 x 700 x 235mm Each Chamber
Capacity Pump: 100 m3/h
Machine Cycle: 15-40 Sec
Voltage: 230V/400V – 3-50Hz
Power: 3.5 – 4.5 KW
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