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Laminating machines BOBST MasterFlute

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Select industry: Packaging equipment 
Condition: New 
Top liner min: 90 g/m2
Top liner max: 340 g/m2
Top sheet min: 140 g/m2
Top sheet max: 400 g/m2
Sheet size, mm: 550 x 550 - 2050 x 1630 
MASTERFLUTE includes a system of phased alignment of sheets Power Aligner WITHOUT a front emphasis and the mechanical device of a lateral register; the position of the edges of the sheet is determined using optical sensors, which eliminates the need for mechanical stops and the risk of damage to the sheet. A uniform overlay is achieved, which allows to increase the accuracy of die cutting and minimize the amount of waste. This new design marks the beginning of an era of unique laminating machines with high technological performance, the manufacture of which takes into account more stringent noise restrictions, as well as the need to reduce energy consumption. MASTERFLUTE is ideally suited for serving emerging markets, which are characterized by large volumes of orders and require highly accurate tolerances. Even with very large formats and very low density indices, high economic efficiency of production can be guaranteed.
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Мы являемся ведущим мировым поставщиком оборудования и услуг для компаний производителей упаковки...

и этикетки в отраслях производства картонных коробок, гофрокартона и гибких материалов.
Компания, основанная Йозефом Бобстом в 1890 г. в Лозанне, Швейцария, сегодня работает более чем в 50 странах, а ее 12 производственных предприятий расположены в 8 странах.

Lausanne, En Faraz,1031 Mex,Швейцария
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The founder of Bobst company is Joseph Bobster. It appeared in far 1890, in Switzerland and succe...

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