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PM FMS 33 Injector

395 000 Р.

6 196$

5 743€

Condition: Used 
Additional Information: Место осмотра г. Старый Оскол, Белгородская область. Оплата удобным для Вас способом: по договору, безналичным и наличным способом. Без НДС. Отгрузка - самовывоз или транспортной компанией (ПЭК, Байкал Сервис, Деловые Линии, КИТ, РАТЭК)  
Operating mode: Not chosen 
The current list and more photos / videos on the site arebu. ru I will sell the injector PM FMSh 33 second-hand after those. service. Delivery by transport company or pickup. Add. photo or video on request. Call or write (mail, viber, whatsapp) - I will answer questions and requests. Actual photos / videos on the site. Specifications: 1. Number of needles pcs., 33/66 2. Maximum productivity kg / hr, 2100 3. Conveyor movement pitch mm, 12, 5/25/37, 5 (Adjustable) 4. Conveyor width mm, 455 5. Height aperture mm, 220 6. Thickness of the supplied product, not more than mm, 150 7. Weight, not more than kg, 300 8. Overall dimensions LxWxH mm: 1640 × 700 × 2000 9. Production - Russia Price - 395,000 rubles. RF In the presence of other equipment for meat processing after cap. repair or maintenance: cutter, syringe, saw, clipper, minced meat, meat cutter, injector, shearer, meat massager, spinning top, block cutter, heat chamber, etc. Delivery throughout the Russian Federation and the CIS.
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We are engaged in: 1. Restoration and sale of used equipment for the meat processing industry: cutte...
rs, meat mixers, injectors, spinning tops, clippers, shears, block cutters, massagers, heat chambers, etc. 2. We are engaged in the redemption of used, mothballed, idle and unclaimed equipment at the enterprise of the aforementioned. 3. The geography of our interests - the Central European part, the Northwest, South, Volga region, the Urals, Western Siberia (to Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo and Barnaul). We have the following working conditions: - You can always come and see the equipment "live".
Moscow, 1-й Грайвороновский проезд, 3с13
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