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Tetra Pak Dip and Transfer unit A2 transfer and dip system

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Select industry: Dairy industry 
Condition: New 
Etra Pak The transfer and dipping system is designed to transport portioned ice cream on a stick, ice cream in cones and waffle cups, as well as multi-layer products from Tetra Pak trays. Extrusion tunnel on Tetra Pak Single-row packaging machines and Tetra Pak Multi-row packaging machines. All are compatible with various Tetra Hoyer Straightline models. All models can be additionally equipped with modules for glazing ice cream with fruit juice and chocolate. Two models are offered with different performance and different number of tracks. Features of the Tetra Pak Models M and Tetra Pak Transfer and Dipping System A and Transfer System A: New grippers that can move independently of the conveyor belt for dipping and unloading products High performance due to the presence of stationary tanks for immersion in the glaze More hygienic process due to horizontal feeding of sticks Accurate transfer of products to the packaging machine Models and capacity, pcs / h Tetra Pak Transfer and dipping system M1: 7, 000 - 9, 000 with standard Tetra Pak immersion system conveying and dipping A2: 18, 000 - 36, 000 with standard dipping process or multi-layer coating process. Productivity depends on product features.
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Tetra Pak is a multinational company of Swedish origin. The company produces packaging, packaging ma...
chines and equipment for processing liquid food products, as well as equipment for group packaging.
Kiev, 82, Mezgyhirska Street, 04655, Kyiv, Ukraine
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Tetra Pak

In 1952, Ruben Rausing founded Company Tetra Pak, which produces equipment for th...

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