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Ingredient Doser 2000 M1 ingredient dispenser

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Select industry: Dairy industry 
Condition: New 
Tetra Pak Continuous Dosing Fruit Feeder The Tetra Hoyer Addus series of fruit and other ingredient dispensers is being upgraded to create the new Tetra Pak series of fruit feeders with new automation and other design features. The first stage of this modernization was the appearance of the Tetra Pak 4000 A2 Fruit Feeder for the continuous introduction of pieces of fruit, nuts, caramel and other ingredients, even sticky ones such as jam, shortcrust pastry, etc. into the ice cream. The modernized design of the impeller pump significantly increases the service life of the machine’s wearing parts . The use of an intelligent automation system has improved the accuracy and controllability of the Tetra Pak 4000 A2 Fruit Feeder. The result was a more uniform product quality, reduced losses in terms of quality, reduced waste and reduced costs. In addition, the new design ensures accurate handling of products, making it possible to use fragile ingredients and even supply sticky additives, while preventing the formation of lumps and maintaining consistent product quality. And finally, thanks to an automation system that allows you to achieve even higher efficiency, reduce product losses, reduce the risk of operator errors and increase uptime, you get benefits such as quick payback and minimal total cost of ownership.
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Tetra Pak is a multinational company of Swedish origin. The company produces packaging, packaging ma...
chines and equipment for processing liquid food products, as well as equipment for group packaging.
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Tetra Pak

In 1952, Ruben Rausing founded Company Tetra Pak, which produces equipment for th...

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