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Autoclave A100 electro (Universal) + Water cooling

Select industry: Alcoholic and nonalcoholic industry 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: +38(097) 870-04-30 +38(066) 390-59-53 rsabyo@gmail.com  
Autoclave for 100 half liter cans or 60 liter (Electric) - Automatic temperature support! It is not necessary to load the autoclave completely, you can preserve any number of jars (from 1 can to a full load) An electric autoclave has three main advantages over a simple (gas) one: 1. Automatic temperature control (now you do not need to monitor the operation of the autoclave) 2. The autoclave is on the floor near the outlet (it does not need to be lifted to a stove) 3. The autoclave can operate both from electricity and as simple as on a gas stove (Universal) Power - 3 kW - 220V A water cushion allows the autoclave to cool with running water, h This significantly speeds up the cooling process Control Panel for complete control of the workflow. Specifications: Height - 80 cm. Diameter - 50 cm. Weight - 25 kg. Power - 3 kW. Heating - about 3 hours. Preservation - 10-40 minutes. (depending on the product) Cooling - 50 min.
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