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  • 26 March 2018, номер: 31157

Farmer-1020 infrared drying cabinet for drying berries and fruits

298 149 Р.

4 229$

3 763€

Select industry: Meat industry, Poultry keeping and processing, Bread-making and confectionary equipment 
Condition: New 
Year of issue: 2018 
Weight: 150 kg
Farmer-1020 infrared industrial drying cabinet for drying berries, AISI 304 stainless steel. 1 kW = 1 liter of moisture. Power consumption 5kW per hour. Up to 250 kg. per day (for raw materials). Number of trays - 10 pcs. (600x600) standard, and 20pcs. - for slices, chips, powder (trays separately). Drying speed 1, 5h - 4 hours Works without dust, complete sterilization of the product, uniform heating over the entire drying area. www.ik-agrosushka.com
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