Basic safety rules

A major number of fraud attempts, you can always avoid using the basic security rules:

  1. Make sure that you are working with
  2. When following the links you see the request to enter a phone number for obtaining authorization on, do not make it. Most likely, the funds will be debited from your account;
  3. The very best deals are likely hoax.
  4. When the product or service costs are too favourable as you think, you can be sure that it is hoax and in the end you don't receive the item or receive a damaged one;
  5. Try to buy the products that you can pick up in person. If the seller requires to make a partial or full prepayment or do not meet with you in person, as a result, you can remain without money and without goods;
  6. Never submit the important personal information. It includes data from passports, accounts, payment cards, etc.;
  7. Meeting with the seller is safe, if you arrange it in a public place. This will allow not only to avoid fraud, but to verify the goods on the spot that minimizes the chance of damaged or poor-quality goods;
  8. You may be offered the adulterated money, so check them at least by the most primitive methods, such as viewing under the light or checking the quality of the paint covering.

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