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  • 6 August 2016, номер: 19481

Rack ovens Miwe CO 6.0806-3D

1 Р.



Select industry: Bread-making and confectionary equipment 
Condition: New 
Voltage: 400 V
Rated power: 23.8 kW
Type: Electricity 
No. of trays/deck:
Dimensions: 110 x101 x149 
Sizes of the baking chamber in cm 80 x60 x13m3 Extraction height in cm 19 Power of a steam humidifier in kW4 4, 5 Dist. cabinet not provided / stand as required
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Miwe is one of the leading German companies manufacturing professional bakery equipment. The product...
s of this brand are known not only in their native country, but are also actively in demand on all the other five continents. Undoubtedly, the reason for this is the excellent quality, thoughtful control interface and incredible easy maintenance. The company began its first production of baking equipment in the 20s. when the idea of producing bread directly in the store was born. From that moment, the first sales started at an incredible speed. Today, the Miwe brand produces all the necessary equipment from preparing dough to baking. At the same time, each new model impresses with its new, more convenient control system, the convenience of service and user services, and a unique stylish design. But the range of the company is not limited to the production of bakery equipment.It also produces various types of refrigeration equipment, which further expands its scope of sales. The main concept of the enterprise has been and remains high quality, ease of management, ease of maintenance and good customer reviews. .
Frankfurt am Main, Michael-Wenz-Str. 2 - 10 97450 Arnstein Germany
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Немецкий бренд Miwe зародился в 20-х годах прошлого века. Компания первой предлож...

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