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Seeds of peas Aksaysky mustachioed 7

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Select industry: Agricultural industry 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: самовывоз,безналичный расчет 
Plants are a species of mustachioed - ordinary. Seedlings on the 10-15 day after the appearance of light yellow, without pubescence. There are no leaf blades, instead of them a mustache. Stipules semi-heart-shaped, light green with a yellowish tinge. The average length for 1994-1998. 87, 6 cm. Knots to the first inflorescence 16, their total number on the plant 18. Inflorescence 2-flower brush, white flowers. Beans are straight with a blunt tip, yellow in color, average length 6.5 cm, width 1, 2 cm .; on their plant 3, 5 pcs.; maximum quantity 9 pcs. Seeds are spherical, smooth, yellowish-white with a pink tint. Weight 1000 pcs. 226, 5 g. The main economic advantage is resistance to powdery mildew. Aksai mustachioed 7 is one of the most competitive among varieties with a mustachioed leaf, when grown in a mixture with spring barley. Approximate ratio of components: peas 0, 8 + barley 1, 8 million germinating seeds per 1 ha.
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