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Automatic clipper PolyClip FCA 3462

Condition: Used 
Additional Information: Contact: Mr. Bartlomiej Grabowski Location: 3-go Maja 160, 22-435 Komarów-Osada, PL 
Type: Double clippers 
Used automatic PolyClip clipper model FCA 3462 is designed to close all types of casings (including protein casings) with a caliber of 40 - 115 mm. The device works with all types of stuffers equipped with a portioning device: An additional advantage is the electric tape ejecting closed product. Additionally, many options such as:
* automatic loop feeder
* stuffing spreader (clipping protein casings)
* electrical and mechanical connection with the stuffer
* movable, pneumatic brake
* string feeder (clipping garland sausages)
* sheath end sensor
Manufacturer: Poly-Clip
Model: FCA 3462
Height: 1900 mm
Width: 1500 mm
Length: 1500 mm
Weight: 800 kg
Electric power supply: 400V 50Hz 3N
Efficiency: up to 90 cycles/min
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