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Squeezed cookie machine automatic ENIGMA TUNNY S

677 737 Р.

8 945$

7 800€

Condition: Used 
Additional Information: Contact: Mr Krzysztof Mirek Location: Źródlana 22, 33-340 Stary Sącz, PL 
Year of issue: 2016 
The ENIGMA TUNNY S automatic squeezed cookie machine is used to produce cookies from various types of cakes. The great advantage of this device is the possibility of squeezing cakes with various types of additives: nuts, pieces of chocolate, pumpkin, sunflower, etc.
The technological process of filling the squeezing chambers allows you to work with very "difficult" doughs (pulling, pouring, loose, hard, with a high content of additives that change the consistency and structure). The shapes of extruded cookies depend on the so-called the pockets of the main press shaft. The shape of the cookies is changed by quickly changing the main shaft. The outline, size and shape of the extruded cakes depends on the customer, therefore the main shaft is made to the individual order of each customer.
The TUNNY S model is adapted to the automatic stacking of embossed cookies on baking trays, without the intervention of an operator. The distribution of cookies on baking trays is regulated on the electronic operator panel, which takes into account the size and growth of the placed cookies. difficult to process dough, which cannot be used in multidrop machines, string cutting or squeezing through the forming tips.
The performance of the machine depends on the size of the squeezed cookies, but in most cases it is around 45-60 tacts and is smoothly regulated.
Technical characteristics:
- Manufacturer: ENIGMA
- Model: Tunny S
- Year of production - 2016
- Power supply - 400 V
- Installed power - 1.2 kW
- Weight: 200 kg
ATTENTION! The device does not come with a cookie squeezing matrix. The price of the machine is reduced precisely because of this loss - it is best for the new customer to buy the matrix himself due to the possibility of choosing the appropriate cookie pattern.
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