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Microwave Defroster AMTek (USA)

Select industry: Meat industry, Fish industry, Dairy industry 
Year of issue: 2019 
Condition: New 
The AMTek Microwaves range is designed to quickly defrost frozen feed with minimal weight loss. The process of defrosting occurs under the influence of microwave waves. This principle allows you to defrost any type of raw material, regardless of its packaging or consistency. The main advantages of AMTek Microwaves microwave defrosters: 1. Heating is uniform throughout the entire volume of raw materials. At the exit from the defroster, the temperature is from -1 to -2 degrees. Celsius 2. The defrosting process occurs with minimal losses by weight of raw materials. Real losses less than 0.5% of the mass. 3. Fast payback period. For example, for the AMT 2160 model with a capacity of 1860 kg / h, this period is 2.5 months. 4. Our equipment is easy to integrate into your existing production structure. 5. The production of equipment is located in the USA, therefore it is of the highest quality. 6. We provide warranty support to all our customers. Our company is the exclusive distributor of AMTek Microwaves in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
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AMTek Microwaves

Американская компания AMTek имеет более чем 75-летний опыт изготовления дефростац...

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