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New and used milk coolers up to 16,000 liters

1 403 867 Р.

18 390$

16 132€

Select industry: Dairy industry, Ketchups and mayonnaises, Packaging equipment, Food industry feedstock, Agricultural industry 
Volume: 16000 l
Condition: Used 
Year of issue: 2001 
Tank milk cooler SECOND-HAND ALFA LAVAL 10000 closed type with a volume of 10000 liters We offer Tank milk cooler open and closed type 10 000 Mueller, DeLaval, Westfalia Surge, Alfa Laval, Packo, Serap, Dru, Japy, Zero, Etscheid. Alfa Laval milk cooler 12 000 L, second-hand Alfa Laval milk cooler, second-hand Alfa Laval milk cooler 10000, second-hand Alfa Laval milk cooler, Alfa Laval, second-hand milk cooler tank, Alfa Laval milk cooler tank 10000 L Different manufacturers, both new and used. Learn about the complete sets and prices from our managers. Our company offers milk coolers with a capacity of 200 liters to 15,000 liters. We install heat recovery in tanks, which greatly simplifies work on the farm, providing free hot water, which is essential for daily cleaning of milking systems and watering cattle. The additional cost of a 250-liter heat exchanger is 25 000 UAH. We provide a guarantee for our coolers: - 6 months (used coolers) - 12 months (new coolers) In accordance with customer requirements, we install new refrigeration units or, in the case of closed containers, new washing systems. The offer includes tanks from companies such as: Alfa Laval, DeLaval, Japy, Lisner, Melotte, Mueller, Packo, Serap, Roca, Westfalia IKR GROUP
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Вадим Олександрович Advertisement author 23.08.2019 558 10:55
Отличное оборудование
Компания ООО ИКР ГРУП осуществляет поставку, а также разрабатывает и производит широкий спектр обор...
удования, запасных частей и комплектуючих для владельцев молочных ферм, предприятий по переработке молока и для различных отраслей промышленности: молочной, масложировой, кондитерской, хлебопекарной и других. Поставляем и производим следующее оборудование: - Охладители молока новые, объемом от 200 л до 40000 л. ведущих мировых производителей: Alfa Laval, De Laval, Wedholms, Frigomilk, Mueller Krosno, и др. - Охладители молока б/у. - Комплектующие к охладителям молока и т.д.
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