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Dater manual HP-280 (with thermal tape)

Condition: New 
The HP-280 ribbon printer is designed to print on a flat surface various materials such as thin cardboard, paper, leather, thin plastics, etc. Dater can operate using the foot pedal, as well as in automatic mode, at a speed set by the operator. A thermal tape serves as a consumable for the datura, which ensures high-quality printing. The print area is set manually by the operator. Dater is characterized by high build quality, wear resistance at a very budgetary cost, a hit in sales in its segment. The HP-280 dating devices are always available, as well as spare parts and consumables for it - thermal transfer tape, heating elements, letters, pedals, etc. Dater with the HP-280 printing tape. Features 1. Ease of control 2. The standard set of letters includes numbers from "0" to "9" (from 6 to 3 pieces of each character), the height of the letter is 4 mm. 3. The ability to adjust the temperature and print speed.
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