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KVM modern vacuum boiler from a Chinese manufacturer

The price is negotiable
Select industry: Meat industry, Fish industry, Poultry keeping and processing, Food industry feedstock, Agricultural industry 
Condition: New 
Provision of leasing: Yes 
Kvm vacuum boilers of various volumes for cooking and sterilization of raw materials from the Chinese manufacturer Tianyuan Oil Equipment LLC, Xinxian city. Our vacuum boiler warms up not only from the outer jacket, but with the help of the central shaft and blades, which greatly reduces the cooking and drying time, and improves the quality of meat and bone meal. Since the longer the raw materials are cooked in a vacuum boiler, the greater the likelihood of occurrence of raw material corbanization, which leads to a decrease in the quality of raw materials. We also supply a whole line for the production of meat and bone meal, vegetable oil and technical fat, and we also produce a line for refining and extraction equipment. We have successful experience in supplying equipment to many countries of the world, for example, Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Africa, etc. Additional information: www.xxtianyuan.com Email: jibing_1@126.com WhatsApp: +8615810058511
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