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Separator fish fish separator analog Sepomatic

Select industry: Meat industry, Fish industry, Poultry keeping and processing 
Condition: New 
Year of issue: 2019 
Voltage: 380 V
Rated power: 2.2 kW
Productivity, max: 800 kg/h
Dimensions: 1800х750х1350 
Weight: 300 kg
Meat and bone separators (neopress) or minced meat machines are used to separate meat from bone in the production of edible meat, chicken or fish mince, which allows the production to expand the range of products and maximize the use of raw materials. The processed raw material is drawn between the highly elastic clamping tape and the perforated stainless steel drum rotating with it and is subjected to a short pressing-separating effect, which is increasing. Solid, large, or sticky parts remain on the outside of the drum, and all softened parts are pressed in through the holes of the drum. An analogue of the German equipment SEPAmatic. Specifications: Productivity: 200-800 kg / h; Power: 2, 2 kW; Drum rotation speed: 29 rpm; Chain - stainless steel; Power supply: 380 V / 50 Hz; Dimensions: 1800x750x1350 mm; Weight: 300 kg. Ribbon type, see video
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