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Classical dough mixing machine (fork) NAR 600-640

Select industry: Bread-making and confectionary equipment 
Condition: New 
Year of issue: 2019 
Flour loading: 50-250 Test volume: 80-400 Connection: 380 V Power: 18 kW Bowl volume: 370 L Code: NAR 600 Exclusive: Y Dimensions: 1600-700-1000 mm Weight: 200-550 Manufacturer: Narmaksan Country of manufacture : Turkey Warranty period 2 years. Kneading machines are designed to knead large volumes of dough. Fork dough mixing machines of the NAR series knead not only yeast and pastry, but also cool (for example, for pizza, pita bread or ravioli), they can mix dry food mixes (cereals), knead products for halva and gozinaki. Ideal for bakeries, restaurants and cafes. Work 24 hours a day! Principle of operation: The electric drive of the machine rotates the fork kneading body, which kneads the dough, and the bowl is mounted and rotates on the bearing due to the engagement of the dough. · Joint rotation of the bowl around its axis and the fork inside the bowl ensures thorough mixing of the dough. Kneading occurs without breaks, tension and stress for the test. They have a certificate of compliance with GOST R and the Sanitary and Epidemiological Opinion of the Russian Federation.
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