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Germany beer line

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Germany beer production line. The line includes: - СIP-station (two thermally insulated containers with shell heating, - Pneumatic valves, dosing of solutions; - Oil-free air compressor, 500l / min with absorption dryer; - Two-stage plate cooler; - Set of food hoses; - Condensation evaporator condenser boiler; - Keg washing machine (15-25kg) semi-automatic; - Coarse grinding mill 600kg / h; - Steam generator with a productivity of 75kg / hour; - Pneumatic control system (included); - Automatic mashing system (in the comp object); - Wort aeration system (included); - Temperature control system; - 3g glacial ice storage and supply system; - 12g fermentation tanks (1, 6 bar, with separate cone and shell cooling zones), thermal insulation. 10 pcs. - Heat-insulated tank for hot water 1200gl, with a pump; - Heat-insulated tank for filtered water Eagle, with a pump (with cooling); - Three-vessel cooking compartment made of stainless steel, torosfiric cap; - Air-cooled chiller, 18kW; CCT 12gl (1.6 bar. With separate cooling zones for the cone and shell), thermally insulated, cleaned .; - CCT 12gl (1, 6 bar, with separate cooling zones for the cone and shell), heat-insulated, stripped 10 pcs. - Electronic sheet pile apparatus (included).
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