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Pasteurizer for cans

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Condition: New 
Rated power: 3 kW
Dimensions: 2490 х 880 х 1170 
Specifications: 1. Dimensions of pasteurizer (WxHxD) - 2490 x 880 x 1170 mm. 2. Internal dimensions in pasteurizer (WxHxD) - 2360 x 590 x 1030 mm. 3. In the pasteurizer there are 5 punched sheets for product layout. The perforation diameter is 25 mm. The gap between the sheets - 95 mm. 4. Block of shadows - 10 pieces of 5 kW. (maximum heating capacity is 50 kW). Shade material - stainless steel. 5. The walls of the pasteurizer are double, 70 mm thick (thermally insulated). 6. The pasteurizer cover is double, 40 mm thick. (thermally insulated). 7. Opening of the lid - pneumatic cylinder (manufacturer "Samozzi" Italy). 8. Pumping pump - centrifugal, execution - stainless steel, power - 3 kW, manufacturer - "EBARA". 9. The pump is manually switched on to the electrical panel. With the help of ball valves the flows are switched: • from pasteurizer to buffer; • from the buffer to the pasteurizer; • pastoral circulation (pasteurization mode). 10. Overall dimensions of the buffer tank - 1290 mm, height h = 1500 mm. 11. Volume of the buffer tank - 1, 6 m3. 12. Pasteurizer and Buffer Capacity Material - Stainless Steel (AISI 304). 13. Electrical control cabinet - portable (wall mounting). 14. After setting the temperature and pasteurization time by the operator, water heating, temperature maintenance and pasteurization time are controlled automatically. 15. The drainage of water from the buffer tank and pasteurizer is carried out using ball valves.
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