• Izhevsk
  • 24 January 2019, номер: 34973

I sell F1-OVV-1000 l

268 000 Р.

4 334.16$

3 911.35€

Select industry: Dairy industry 
Volume: 1000 l
Condition: New 
Year of issue: 2019 
Dimensions: 1400х1100х2600 
I will sell production tanks of the Ya1-OSV type, intended for ripening cream in the production of butter, sour cream and the production of sour-milk drinks. Volumes from 1000 liters. - 25,000 liters Sunroof D450 Vnutrianka AiSi 304 2-4mm Sheathing AiSi 304 1, 5mm Ladder is Stirrer: Frame / blade M / gear NMRW 63 750W, 18-23 rpm Coil: U-shaped drain valve D40-65 Thermal insulation 30-40mm, possible and more Refrigerant pipe D32-50 Refrigerant pressure, no more, atm 3 Temperature sensor Indication ADD: Solenoid
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