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Dough Sheeter Seewer Rondo Compas 2000

Condition: Used 
Additional Information: Contact: Ms Birgit Milbrandt Location: Siemensstraße 16, 64832 Babenhausen, Deutschland 
Seewer Rondo Compas 2000
Model: SFU 69
Program control
with flour shaker
Automatic reel
Band width 640 mm
Tape length on the left approx. 1.60 m; right approx. 1.50 m
Roller opening 0.2 to 45 mm
Stainless steel version
Connection 400V, 16A-CEE plug
Used machine in bakery condition not cleaned
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Основателем швейцарской компании Rondo является Густав Зеевер, который открыл в 1...

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