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Chocolate tempering machine Normit s.r.o. TurboNormix

Condition: Used 
Additional Information: Contact: Ms Jana Dudová Location: Pezinska cesta 5104, 90101 Malacky, SK 
Turbo multi-zone tempering machine is used for tempering in a thin layer of glaze, chocolate, creams due to the formation of stable β-crystals of cocoa butter. The machine has the ability to process masses with solid inclusions.
The machines have 3 or 4 zones of thermal effects on the product, which is carried out by separating the heating and cooling circuits. At the entrance and exit of each zone, the temperature is measured and corrected.
Multi-zone tempering system provides efficient heat exchange and the formation of stable coca butter β-crystals.
Measurement of inlet and outlet temperatures in each zone
PLC control panel, accurate correction program temperatures
The unique design of the scaler and discs guarantees uniform mixing
Manufacturing material AISI 304 or 316
Constant viscosity glaze
The glaze, after passing through the machine, has a constant viscosity, gives a perfectly glossy surface when cured and becomes stable (the glazed product does not melt in the hands).
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