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Rotary kilns Rotorbake E5 E

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Select industry: Bread-making and confectionary equipment 
Condition: New 
Rated power: 30 kW
Dimensions: 1150х1390х2320 
Weight: 700 kg
ROTORBAKE's electric rotating baking tray for baking and baking has been designed to guarantee excellent performance with highest energy efficiency. Compact and robust, these ovens hold the expertise and technology for the most demanding needs of bakers, confectioners and distribution networks. An internal rotation tray and ventilation makes it ideal for delicate confectioneries, which guarantees perfect baking consistency and softness. Its 5 speeds guarantee the best productions and make it ideal for any type of terrain; connection setup allows you to install more than one furnace in series.
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The Italian manufacturer of baking and confectionery equipment combines a special technology of baki...
ng. Software control, automation, ease of operation, ease of maintenance, quick installation and low power consumption are just some of the characteristic features of the equipment, which is the result of continuous technical and technological improvement.
Ferrara, Via Angelo Castelbolognesi, 6 Zona P.M.I. - 44124 Ferrara - Italy
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