• Sevastopol
  • 25 April 2018, номер: 31675

Chain freezer LBH 31, 5 for fish

Select industry: Meat industry, Fish industry 
Condition: New 
We sell a new chain LBH 31, 5 (extended) with stainless spreader rods. We produce a large range of spare parts and units of the transport (power) system of the freezing machine LBH 31, 5 - loading and unloading section with saturation: shafts and cable drums, slide-in / out carriages, opening-closing machines of blockforms, guide blockforms (roads), hydraulic cylinders, rack-and-pinion gears (push-in / pull-out, overturn and casings to them), ratchet mechanism, etc. — blocking hooks, –– blockform loops, –– slip plates (miramidka) on the chain, –– overlays for blockform trunnions. Perhaps, by agreement, the manufacture of spare parts made of stainless steel. We make fish scales both from ferrous metal and stainless. ATLA LLC, Sevastopol Director Terekhov Alexander Ivanovich
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