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Transformers TM-1000, 630, 400, 250 kVA. We will produce KTP substations

200 000 Р.

2 277$

2 088€

The price is negotiable
Select industry: Meat industry, Fish industry, Dairy industry, Poultry keeping and processing, Ketchups and mayonnaises, Bread-making and confectionary equipment, Alcoholic and nonalcoholic industry, Food packaging, Packaging equipment, Flexographic printing, Food industry feedstock, Agricultural industry 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: Трансформаторы ТМ с ревизии с гарантией. Подстанции изготовим 
Transformers ТМ, from 63 to 1000 kVA from availability after revision or overhaul. Warranty 2 years. Full package of documents and test report. The price is approximately 50% below market. Transformers are supplied both new, from storage, and revision (with the issuance of protocols of a standard form). Our advantages: flexible pricing policy; extensive experience in the market of industrial electrical equipment; own repair base; a quality control system for production at each stage, providing a complete package of technical documentation; warranty for manufactured products up to 18 months; Individual approach to each client; discounts for regular customers. Prices for transformers new from storage (without operation) discount up to 20%. Revision transformers from availability: (protocols, warranty) discount up to 50%. We will produce transformer substations KTP - pole, mast, kiosk, insulated according to the completed questionnaires and the linear diagram. To calculate the cost you need a completed questionnaire and a linear diagram on our email. mail: zavodktp@mail.ru Mast transformer substations KTPM 63-250 kVA. Kiosk single-transformer substations KTPN 100-1000 kVA. Two-transformer kiosk substations 2KTPN 100-1000 kVA. Pillar transformer substations STP on one, on two supports of 1, 25-250 kVA. Substations 2KTP of indoor installation, internal shop 2KTP (VTs) 250-2500 kVA-10 (6) / 0, 4U3. Substations KTPNu, 2KTPNu Insulated sandwich 100-1000 kVA.
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