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Repair, diagnostics, compressor service. Supplies

100 000 Р.

1 138$

1 044€

The price is negotiable
Select industry: Meat industry, Fish industry, Dairy industry, Poultry keeping and processing, Ketchups and mayonnaises, Bread-making and confectionary equipment, Alcoholic and nonalcoholic industry, Food packaging, Packaging equipment, Flexographic printing, Food industry feedstock, Agricultural industry 
Condition: Used 
Additional Information: Ремонт, сдача в аренду 
Repair, diagnostics, service, installation, commissioning of screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, compressed air preparation systems, dehumidifiers, main filters, chillers and other refrigeration equipment. Options: 1st - at your own repair shop, 2nd — with the departure of specialists at the facility where compressor equipment is installed that needs repair. We are engaged in the maintenance and repair of compressor equipment of Fiac, Remeza, Ekomak, Abac, Dalgakiran, Alup, Kraftmann, Airpol, Atlas Copco, Mark and other manufacturers. Screw compressors. Oil-free screw compressors. Used screw compressors used in different brands. Low prices. Warranty. Available in our warehouse are air compressors of various capacities. Both oil-filled and oil-free. All compressors are checked, necessary repair is carried out. Repair of screw blocks. Overhaul of screw compressors. Repair of chillers. Service maintenance. Automation. Modernization.
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