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  • 9 July 2017, номер: 28352

Machine tools, presses, guillotines, rollers, pipe benders, sheet benders, hammers

400 000 Р.

4 555$

4 176€

The price is negotiable
Select industry: Agricultural industry 
Condition: Used 
Additional Information: Станки и металлообрабатывающее оборудование бу продаём 
Machine tools: TOS W9A, 2637F1, 2K637GF1, 2637GF1, 2637, 2N636GF1, 2N636F1, 2A636F1, 2A636F4, 2N636F2I, 2N637GF1, 2A637F1, 2N637F2I, 26363626626, 2G665, 2N637F26, 2636, 2636, 2636, 2636, 2636 2N656F1, 2B660, 2630, 2B635, TOS HVF125, BFT110, BFP125, BFT125 / 5, IR160 (round table), IR1250F40 with CNC. Guillotines: STD9, NK3418, N3121, NA3121, NA3221, NG13, NG16, NG20, N478, N478.01, N478m, NA3223, NA3225. Forging hammers: MA4129, MA4130, MA4132, MA4134, MA4136. Hydraulic presses P, PB: P6320B, PB6320 mustache. 10 t., П6324Б ПБ6324 mustache 25 tn., П6326Б ПБ6326 mustache 40 tn., П6328Б ПБ6328 mustache 63 t., П6330Б ПБ6330 mustache 100 tn., П6332Б ПБ6332 mustache 160 tn., P6334B PB6334 us. 250 tn. Hydraulic presses for the manufacture of plastic products DG (DE). Press K, KD, KE, KV: KD2122, KD2322, KD2124, KD2324, KD2126, KD2326, KD2128, KD2328, KD2330, KE2130, KV2132, etc. with an effort of 16 - 250 tons. IV3428 pipe benders and others. NG5222 press-shears and other machines 1512, 1512f1, 1e512pf2i, 1516, 1532, 1l532, 1540f1, 1580
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