Injectors for meat

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Meat injectors are intended to accelerate the process of salting and increase the shelf life of meat products. Their working principle is based on filling various types of meat with brine or thick emulsion. The use of meat injectors allows to conduct uniform stuffing of meat of different consistency.

Injector installations for stuffing meatInjectors for meat

Injectors are indispensable equipment for enterprises producing meat products. Installations can be both manual and automatic. They are designed to uniformly distribute the brine in the product without damaging the tissues of raw materials. The equipment is provided with a separate container for the preparation of homogeneous emulsion.

Meat injector price upon its purchase will depend on the following indicators:

  • The extent of injection;
  • The length of needles;
  • The number of needle strokes;
  • The width and speed of the conveyor;
  • Performance;
  • Operating pressure.

Injectors for meat stuffing allow companies to improve food production processes, develop new original recipes and get a recognizable original taste.

Now sausages can have a juicier and more tender consistency. This is implemented due to the constant massaging of products upon introduction of needles.

The enterprises of meat-processing industry also need a vacuum sausage stuffer used in the manufacture of sausages, ham and sausage products, where the stuffing of edible and synthetic coatings is required.

How to buy a vacuum stuffer at a bargain price

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