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  • 26 November 2019, номер: 41025

Loader - Clam Lift

Condition: New 
The lift truck is usually used at the beginning of the production line. The loader allows loading mollusks into the receiving funnel. Made of stainless steel: - Dimensions of the loader: length 2, 5 x 1, 18 x 1, 95 m. Weight 139 kg. Engine 0, 37 kw; - Dimensions conveyor with PVC coating or with rubber coating: length 2, 5 x width 0, 3 m; - Conveyor with rubber plates for protection against water splashes; - Loader chassis: 304L stainless steel on rubber wheels. Purpose of the installation: - Used for loading all types of shellfish or food products; - Loading belt conveyor adapts to the type of product. Principle of operation: - The loader-lift is usually used at the beginning of the production line. The loader allows you to load the mollusks into the receiving funnel; - The lift truck can also be used in any of those. line node in accordance with the height of the exits and entrances of the previous / subsequent line machines; - Using a loader in the line allows you to calculate the exact amount of products entering the line; - The gutter allows regular loading of products; - The speed controller allows you to adjust the feed rate of the product stream at the input of the node; - Various models of coating the conveyor line allow you to adapt the loader to the size of the products and feed rate; - The dimensions of the conveyor line belts are set in accordance with the machines and products used in the line.
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