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Agricultural industry has been and still remains a major producer of food. It cannot exist without an agro-industrial complex maintaining this sphere of activity. Special-purpose machines and devices enhance performance. To that end Foodbay offers equipment for successful development of the sphere.

Agricultural industry sectors Agricultural Industry

The supply of mankind with food is essential. The dominant spheres of agriculture are cattle breeding, fishing, crop farming. The first two are divided into groups by the types of products. The prosperity of an industry requires technical equipment. Main sectors of agricultural production:

  • Production comprising all spheres of agriculture;
  • Processing, storage and transportation of products;
  • Maintaining sector, supplying funds, equipment, machines.

Technical provision and automation of all stages of production contributes to the development of the industry and increases food output volumes. Foodbay website offers various equipment and tools needed by all kinds of agricultural industry. These include:

  • Agricultural products;
  • Agricultural machinery;
  • Agricultural equipment;
  • Cattle-breeding feed;
  • Agrochemicals;
  • Containers and packages;
  • Special-purpose machines, diesel fuel and oils.

Agricultural industry is supplied with all necessary things with the help of domestic brands: “Yuzhmash”, “Khartsyzsk Tube Works”, “Kirov” and foreign manufacturers: Bosch, Tetra Pak, Kompo , etc.

The range of equipment and tools includes the means supporting the whole range of agricultural industry activities. Lands for cultivating and growing crops are offered. Fertilizers, soils, plant protection means. For cattle breeding we offer real estate objects, a variety of feeds, processing equipment for raw materials.

Where to purchase equipment for agricultural industry

Foodbay website offers products to support all sectors of agriculture. Visitors can find the required equipment or put their goods up for sale. The range of products includes the means that help to develop agricultural industry. The products in the catalogue are presented by domestic and foreign companies.