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If your organization’s activity is connected with meat industry and your production requires technological equipment for a meat department, then the Foodbay specialized Internet platform is a place where you can solve a wide range of problems related to the purchase or sale of equipment.

Equipment for Meat Production on FoodbayEquipment for Meat Production

Modern equipment for food industry makes it possible to receive finished or semi-finished products from raw materials or products. In order to receive high quality products, you will need the entire complex of high-tech equipment with which meat industry is equipped:

  • Equipment for killing and cutting. This category includes special cutting saws, lines, auxiliary equipment;
  • Complexes and separate installations for the production of sausages, hams, gourmet foods;
  • Equipment for heat treatment;
  • Systems for weighing, labeling, packaging, portioning, filling, clipping, batching,  and other operations;
  • Systems for the production of canned goods, semi-finished products, ready meals;
  • Equipment for preparation of raw materials and making minced meat;
  • Auxiliary equipment and installations.

The main feature of the Foodbay platform is that here you can buy and sell not only new equipment, but also used devices being in a perfect working order.

Prices for new and used equipment for meat industry

The cost of the equipment is set up by the user placing the advertisement. Once interested in the proposal, the potential buyer can contact the author of the advertisement by sending him/her a private message “I want to buy technological equipment for meat processing industry enterprises for the production of semi-finished products and specifying the most important moments there, including the questions concerning cost elaboration.