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GoodNature SqueezeBox Se Fresh Juice Industrial Press Filter

Select industry: Alcoholic and nonalcoholic industry 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: Компания "Потомак" Украина Черкасы potomac@uch.net +38 (050) 464-06-80 Россия Москва info@potomac.ru +7 (499) 272-18-50  
Industrial press filters for squeezing and filtering fresh juice from various vegetables, fruits and herbs. Productivity is up to 1700 liters of juice per hour, depending on the type of raw material and its condition. Goodnature offers the most advanced juice extraction method. Goodnature equipment allows you to solve both of these problems at once, combining the functions of a press and a juice filter. The working area of these machines is a series of pockets of reinforced filter material. After loading the vegetable mass, the walls of the pockets are compressed, and the filtered juice enters the collector. At the end of the cycle, the sliding hopper is turned over and the cake is removed from the compartments. This technology allows you to perform the driest spin, giving the maximum juice yield with a low (less than 0, 5%) dense particle content. The resulting juice does not require expensive filtration. Easy to maintain and clean (CIP), Goodnature equipment allows you to get the maximum amount of fresh juice of the highest quality and taste.
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Более 40 лет американский бренд Goodnature Products, основанный Дэйлом Ветлауферо...

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