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  • 27 February 2017, номер: 26883

Sale of a new bulldozer ChZTT-B10 M.M.YA.-E.R1 from the manufacturer in 2018.

Condition: New 
Year of issue: 2017 
Weight: 18460 kg
Sale of a new bulldozer ChZTT-B10 M.M.YA.-E.R1 from the manufacturer Bulldozer ChZTT-B10 M.M.YA.-E.R1 with a hemispherical non-rotary blade and a single-tooth cultivator. The bulldozer is equipped with the modern YaMZ 238M2 diesel engine (180 l / s. / 132 kW), engine starter start, mechanical transmission, 6-roller trolley with two support rollers. Hexagonal cabin of increased visibility. Track width from 480 mm. The mass of 18460 tons. At the request of the customer, all equipment can be equipped with additional options. (Winter package, Southern package, etc.) The warranty period for equipment is 12 months or 1500 m / h. We deliver equipment by region
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Chelyabinsk Tractor Engineering Plant LLC offers its own products - tractors and traction class 10 b...
ulldozers (similar in their performance to ChTZ products), as well as pipe layers with a carrying capacity of 12 tons and 20 tons. LLC ChZTT has all the necessary technical documentation for the products. All equipment is certified in accordance with the requirements of the Common Customs Union (Declaration of Conformity TS No.-RU D-RU.А301.В.00345 for the production of tractors; TS No.-RU D-RU.А301.В.00347 for the production of bulldozers, as well as Certificate of Conformity of the Customs Union TC №-RU С-RU.А30
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ChTZ plant is a modern industrial union engaged in manufacturing and selling of a...

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