• Bordeaux
  • 26 November 2019, номер: 41019

Clam Spat Filter

Condition: New 
- The equipment is intended for processing juveniles of oysters and mussels. - Juveniles gather at the inlet of the filter for spath; - The entire flow of water with young and waste is captured by an endless screw located in the drum filter; - The screw and drum rotate, combining the mechanical effect of the drum on the product with the washing action of water; - Water with pollution flows through the holes in the drum and is discharged under the machine; - Spat, cleaned of contaminants, completes its movement at the exit of the machine, where it is delivered by an endless screw, and either falls into the container or gets on another machine to continue the processing process. - The filter for spath is a small mobile machine that can either be fixedly installed in the processing line or located, depending on the need, at the exit of a particular machine; - An independent power supply unit of the machine allows you to connect it to the mains using a conventional outlet; - Water is supplied through a flexible hose.
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