Farmers engaged in keeping poultry or cattle often have to carry a variety of products. Trailers-grain carriers and other types of trailers are used for these purposes. Such transportations are mainly performed only on the territory of the farm, so the distance and speed of movement are small, so, people often use specialized agricultural trailers drawn by tractors.

Features, types and brands of trailers Trailers and Semi-trailers

The most popular types of trailers include: grain carries, units carrying fertilizers and silage. Besides, there are many other devices used on livestock farms. For unloading tractor-drawn dumpers they are equipped with specialized hydraulic devices. Before you buy a new tractor trailer, you need to choose the type of its design.

According to this parameter, they are divided into:

  • Semi-trailers;
  • Standard tractor-drawn trailers;
  • Semi-mounted versions of tractor-drawn devices.

Semi-trailers distribute the weight of the cargo only to the rear part of the carriage and the tractor’s hydraulic pick-up hitch. The popularity and high sales of new and used semi-trailers and spare parts for them can be explained by the excellent maneuverability of  the machines, especially when they are moving in reverse. They do not only have a simple design, but are also 30% lighter than a full-fledged tractor-drawn equipment.

Under difficult road conditions it is better to use larger models of semi-trailers, because they are distinguished by their operational reliability, especially in comparison with two-axial tractor-drawn units.

Tractor-drawn equipment can have different purposes, the devices are divided into the following groups:

1. Universal. Here belong dumpers and devices with special truck flat bodies. Buying a new tractor trailer equipped with put-on sides, you can perform almost any transportation works with the materials of various density.

2. Specialized. They are used for transportation of goods of the same type. The cost of a trailer for agricultural machines is determined by the number of axes in the equipment. There are monoaxial, two-axis or three-axis devices. Trailers of semi-mounted type distribute the cargo weight simultaneously on the hydraulic pick-up hitch, back and front axes. There are no special requirements to the selection of tractor-drawn trailers, so when buying used agricultural trailers, only their condition and size should be taken into account.

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