Modern sowing machines make it possible to optimize the procedure of crops sowing. Seeders may be used exclusively for sowing one type of seeds, for example, cotton, beets or other vegetables or be provided with auxiliary equipment allowing to fertilize the foil or to perform other functions.

 The types of sowing machines Sowing Machines

 Sowing machines differ from each other in seeding methods, accordingly, there are the following types:

  • Row. Here the seeds are sown by tape, wide-row or narrow-row ways.
  • Hill. The hills with seeds are placed in the rows.
  • Square-cluster. Here the seeds are placed only on the tops of rectangles or squares.
  • Single-seed. This method is called single-grain. During a wide-row sowing the seeds are positioned at equal intervals between them.
  • Spreading. Fertilizers or seeds are spread on the soil in a random order.

Sowing equipment has a specialized design that includes several compartments and a couple of containers where the seeds are placed. In addition, they have specialized seeding devices to ensure a uniform flow of seeds or fertilizers to seed tubes, colters for creating furrows and covering units that smooth the soil surface.

Some sowing equipment has agitators on containers. They are breaking the vaults of seeds and facilitate their movement to seeding devices. So that to distribute seeds in spreading machines more uniformly, the machines are equipped with distribution boards.

The purchase of sowing equipment

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