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  • 26 December 2017, номер: 30394

Cultivator mounted KPN - 4, 0-3

Condition: New 
Year of issue: 2017 
The cultivator is designed for continuous pre-sowing cultivation of the soil, to a depth of 5-12 cm with simultaneous cutting of the root system of weeds, crumbling, leveling and rolling of the soil surface, as well as for caring for vapors. The KPN cultivator has a number of structural advantages over analogues, namely: The roller frame mounting bracket is attached to the transverse beams of the main frame, which reduced the load on the rear beam of the main frame of the unit. The design of the unit has an asymmetric design that allows you to combine two cultivators using a coupler. The design of the roller uses double row bearings in a support, which facilitates their maintenance and provides a 5 times longer service life compared to the bearing 31-UCF-208. In the hinge unit of the cultivator rack, polymer sleeves with graphite grease are used, which has a lifetime warranty and does not require maintenance compared to analogues where metal sleeves and Litol grease are used. Two holes are provided for aggregation with a tractor for connecting the central link, which ensures aggregation with tractors of all firms without modifying the aggregate. On the rake, springs with a curl “in the direction of the unit” are used, which exclude fracture of the springs during operation.
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