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Disc harrow DAN-2.5

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Disk harrow (aggregate) DAN for resource-saving tillage to a depth of 4 to 18 cm. The main resource-saving tillage to a depth of 4 to 18 cm is carried out. They ensure uniform distribution throughout the entire depth of the soil layer to be cultivated of organic fertilizers and plant residues, creating the optimal structure for plant growth, increase soil moisture absorption and reduce erosion, crush the breasts, roll the topsoil to preserve moisture and level the field topography. Units are used at the minimum, conservation and traditional tillage. Manufacturer ISM Promin Country producer Ukraine Type Disc harrow Group Medium Coverage 2.5 (m) Maximum processing depth 20.0 (cm) Number of rows 2 Number of discs / teeth 14 (pcs.) Weight 880 kg Tractor power 80.0 (l. From.)
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ИСМ Проминь появилось в 2011 на территории города Белая Церковь (Украина), занявш...

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