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Tillage machinery is used in agriculture for growing cultivated plants. With its help the soil is prepared for sowing, it becomes loosened and oxygenated. You can find the equipment of this kind with different specifications on the Foodbay website. This equipment contributes to the improvement of land capacity and crop productivity.

Tillage Equipment Tillage Machinery

Soil characteristics are often far from being perfect. That’s why it is necessary to improve its qualities with the use of technical means. Soil cultivation is the first stage in the process of growing any crops. Agricultural machines are applied for this purpose.

Tillage equipment can be divided into three kinds:

  • Ripper ploughs are used for packed soil and can plow the ground to a depth of 45 cm;
  • Cultivators are used in pre-sowing preparation of the soil, for extermination of weeds in row spacings, they work at a preset depth;
  • Circular units have proved to be great for stale soils with dense vegetation.

Machinery for spring tillage not only prepares the soil for sowing, but also exterminates weeds. For example, chain harrows are used in the pre-sowing soil preparation. They loosen the soil and remove early spring weeds. It is recommended to use them on floating or clay soils.

There are machines for tillage of excessively compacted soil. These are so-called deep tillers. The peculiarity of this equipment is that it does not affect the upper fertile layer. Processing occurs at a depth of more than half a meter. Thus the moisture is retained, erosive processes are excluded, soil’s saturation by oxygen is increased.

Foodbay website offers tillage equipment of high quality at affordable prices. The catalogue features harrows, cultivators, deep tillers and other units from domestic and foreign manufacturers. The wide range of products is presented by the following trademarks: Rostselmash, Kirovets, “MTZ Belarus”.

Where to buy used soil-forming machines and spare parts for them

Foodbay website offers the equipment from Russia and other countries. Visitors can advertise their products for free. A service of forming a request for the purchase of the necessary device is also available. The website sells tillage machines, both new and used ones.