The Chinese brand, Xingtai, appeared in the 70's of ΧΧ century. The name is got from the city where the main office of the company is located. In 1992, the compact tractor appeared on the Russian market. Since then, the Chinese machinery is particularly popular due to a good quality/price ratio.

Why is Xingtai tractor worth buying

Those, who are engaged in farming, know how processes mechanization increases profitability. If it is a small or med-sized business, so there is no sense to buy large equipment-sized. The best solution is to purchase a compact tractor. What are the advantages:

  • Low weight of the machine. Due to this, the soil is less compacted;
  • good maneuverability. This is provided by technical characteristics and machine parameters;
  • flexibility. A wide range of attachments allows using a compact tractor in many processes;
  • low price. Large-sized equipment costs more expensive than compact tractors.


Today, Xingtai company tractors are not only used in agriculture. This equipment is involved into the construction and municipal organizations, forestry.

The manufacturer is always trying to learn and meet the consumers’ needs. Therefore, the process of the machinery development shall be in compliance with the high requirements. A special range of products is developed for the Russian consumers. It takes into account the conditions in which the machinery is used.

Where can Xingtai compact tractors be purchased

To select and purchase Xingtai spare parts and equipment, please, use Foodbay billboard. The website presents the proposals of the world leading companies. Here you can find information about the brands and download the price list of the company. To buy the selected product, you can fill in the form or call the advertiser.