WVG Kainz

WVG Kainz is a German brand which was established in 1980. Martin Kainz is considered to be its founder. Today the company holds a leading position in the production of butchering lines for the meat-processing industry. It develops complex systems for processing and deboning of meat products taking into account the requirements of the market.

Features of the WVG Kainz units

The company develops equipment based on the capacity and specialization of plants. The range of the brand products includes washing devices. The main advantages of these automated units are:

  • Better cleaning results with minimal expenses;
  • economical water and energy consumption;
  • easy operation and maintenance of equipment;
  • rapid removal of the labels by water under high pressure.


In addition, WVG Kainz produces of conveyor lines, dryers, containers and other equipment.

Conveyor lines of the German company may be formed according to your needs. You choose their length and width. The design has a high resistance, due to the guides. The machine works on turns as quietly and smoothly as on straight areas.

Deboning lines of the German brand are made by individual design. Its construction depends on the required production capacity. Additional blocks can be integrated into the machine at your desire.

What site provides information about WVG Kainz equipment

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