Weber brand was founded in 1981 by Günther Weber. Today the company has a worldwide reputation in the meat processing industry. Its success is provided by the personalized service, innovative designs and perfect quality. Since 2011 the company has entered the Russian market.

Variants of Weber equipment

Customer satisfaction is an important condition for the brand. Therefore, the company's products are regularly improved and updated. To continually delight customers.

The quipment of the company is represented by the following categories:

  • Skinning machines, allowing to remove the skin from the meat in manual or automatic mode;
  • robotized systems for process control;
  • cleaning machines;
  • stackers for product packaging in trays;
  • slicers for safe and accurate cutting of cheese and sausages.


To present the product, it must have attractive appearance. For this purpose, Weber produces slicers. They are used for industrial purposes, for restaurants, shops, etc. They have the following advantages:

  • Possibility to cut products up to 4 rows at a time;
  • cutting speeds is up to 2 thousand rev/min.;
  • length of the product does not matter;
  • Minimum cutting thickness is 0.1 cm;
  • a wide range of cutting options;
  • there are machines with manual and automatic product loading.


The size of slicers is selected according to the required capacity and conditions of use.

Where can you buy the products of Weber

Looking for the necessary equipment of this company pay attention to the site. It is an international platform where you can buy units of the German and other well-known brands. Retailers exhibit new and previously used products. Therefore, the prices of goods have a wide range.