The activity of the Spanish brand Viscofan started in 1975 thanks to the Basterra Larroudé family. Today its plants are located in the USA, Germany, China and other countries. The products of this leading global company are used by many large enterprises around the world. Besides casings, the company produces equipment for their use.

Varieties of Viscofan casings

The casings are available for implementation in three versions: stretchability, middle stretchability, increased extensibility. The maximum diameter of the product reaches 42 mm. The main production of the company is easily removable casings. If necessary, by the customer’s order the version of the not easily removable casings are produced.

What casings does the company offer to its customers:

  • Cellulose - is made from natural cellulose;
  • polyamide - made from polymers, the casing form depends on the purpose;
  • collagen - for the products of small and large caliber, it can be edible and inedible;
  • fibrous - made of abaca and cellulose, have high strength.


For the effective application of the products, Viscofan produces its own equipment. It is used by those who can not find the appropriate machine among products of other brands. In particular, a special applicator was used for the collagen casings. It can be adapted for products any size. It simplifies the use of the collagen material. It is installed on clipping injecting machines.

How can you buy Viscofan products

You can find products for the meat processing industry of this Spanish brand and other companies on site. Available Casings made of different materials and of different sizes are available. To buy the selected products, write to the author of the ad or contact company’s representatives in your country.