Versatile is the only Canadian brand producing tractors. The company was founded in 1966 by Peter Pacos. Today equipment for agriculture is developed and produced in the territory of its plant in Winnipeg. The company has its own site for testing equipment.

Versatile agricultural equipment

Tractor are key machines for agriculture. These are machines that are used all year round. Versatile tractors price depends on their purpose and outfit. They perform a variety of processes, beginning with the planting and ending with loading. The power of such machine reaches 575 l/sec. Today, the company presents a new series of HHT tractors on the market. These machines have been developed taking into account the needs of customers.

The advantages of these units:

  • The machines are equipped with the Cummins engines, which provide economical use of fuel;
  • the tractors’ engine complies with the environmental safety standards;
  • bridges with external gears simplify the repair of equipment, excluding the need for the dismantling of the wheels of other machines;
  • there is a possibility to equip the tractor with a three-point linkage, which increases the load capacity of the machine;
  • two fuel tanks with total capacity of 1325 liters make it possible to work for a long time without refueling.


In addition, the Versatile produces equipment for other agricultural processes: soil preparation, sowing, cultivation, and others.

Where can you buy agricultural equipment and spare parts of Versatile

You can buy equipment from leading brands, including Versatile on the international platform A wide price range can be observed on the site. There are new products and previously used equipment. You can buy goods both online and through a representative of the manufacturer. A catalog with great potential to filter by price and parameters will help you choose the best variant for your production plant.